Monday, 2 September 2013

Langholm Harriers update

After the activity and energy of a busy breeding season, this time of year can feel very empty. We've been so priviledged to watch the harriers arrive, display, nest build, incubate and raise young. The weeks following fledging were jam-packed with activity. The data from the satellite tags fitted by Steve Murphy at Natural England, allow us to follow the young birds as they begin to explore the world beyond Langholm moor.

The bird's first winter is a dangerous time for any young bird dealing with challenging winter conditions and new habitats. Young harriers (like many raptors sadly) face the added threat of illegal persecution which make this a very nervous time of year too.

In previous years,  some Langholm birds have made spectacular journeys - like McPedro who travelled through France and onto Spain and wintered there...
this map shows McPedro's journey back up to Scotland from Spain after spending his first winter there.

what will 2013/2014 bring for Grainne, Hattie, Blue and Miranda?

Grainne remains fairly settled on the moor, Blue has begun to explore in various directions but still in the general area. Hattie is spending more time on the southern edge of the moor and Miranda has gone furthest and made a move into Northumberland.



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