Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands Update

MTAF 2016

Had a fantastic weekend at the Muckle Toon Adventure Festival. Took some groups stream dipping, Beckie and myself provided a couple of Tent Talks featuring Totem Ducks and finger puppets, there was rock painting, skull displays and moorland crafts at the MMM tent and a brilliant time was had by all!! Thanks to our volunteers Cerys, Amy, Lucy, Lizzie, David and Adam for all their help and thanks to the MTAF Team for inviting us along and organising such a great festival!
Fantastic moorland artwork!

Beckie's Tent Talk

Hannah before her run.

More amazing artwork!

Pebbles and painting at the MMM tent.

More pebble art.

Rick's Tent Talk

Rocky the Duck meets her fans!

Stream dipping discoveries.

Stream dipping along the Tarras

Sunday's Summit Challenge

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands - Update


Update from Whitshiels Cafe Sightings board.

Thanks to those who recorded their sightings on our new board. Here are the latest updates....
Grey Heron - River Esk and Ewes - 27.5.2016
27.5.2016 - Heron - River Esk and Ewes - JB
3.6.2016 - 2 Eels - Codgie - BK
3.6.2016 - Female Goosander with chicks - Esk in Langholm
3.6.2016 - Red Fox (Vixen) - Round House - Mick T
3.6.2016 - Ravens - Tarras - Mick T
3.6.2016 - Red Fox (Dog) - Tarras Lodge - Mick T
5-6.6.2016 - Lots of harrier activity and Tawny Owls - Kent Yeti

Broods of Pied Flycatcher, Stonechat and Blue tits hatching. First harrier chicks hatching.

Thanks and keep those sightings coming in.