Wednesday, 18 September 2013

 Langholm Harriers

 Strong Autumn winds, heavy rain and changing colours are all indications that that summer is over. How will the Langholm Harriers cope with these challenging conditions?

Grainne is sticking to a fairly small home range on Langholm moor.

Miranda has shifted north-west to Leadhills, into an area visited by previously tracked birds. She has covered at least 158km in the last 10 days.

After a brief trip to Northumberland, Hattie returned to the natal having travelled 99.8 kms in 10 days. A couple of nights ago she roosted within 900m of Grainne.

Blue is still circumnavigating the natal area, daily sorties are increasing in distance and in the last 10 days he has travelled at least 111kms. 

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