Monday, 23 September 2013

Langholm Harrier update 23rd September

This map shows movements in the week up to 23rd September. Grainne seems fairly settled on Langholm moor, and Hattie is not moving far from home either. Blue has begun to explore Eskdalemuir and the area west of Langholm, and Miranda has spent her week at Leadhills.

 One of the tagged birds  (Miranda I think) having their tag safely fitted by Stephen Murphy.

Grainne (Celtic for Grace)
After fledging, often all we see of these beautiful birds is a dot on a map.. here's a little reminder of  what stunning creatures they are.

The four tagged birds Blue, Grainne, Miranda and Hattie are four of ten young Hen Harriers that fledged from Langholm Moor in 2013. Sadly after fledging we hear very little of these non sat tagged birds.

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