Monday, 29 August 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

Freshwater sampling with Langholm N5's


Spent the morning over the back of Tarras working on sampling techniques with Langholm N5's. During the session we found some fantastic examples of Stonefly, caddis and flat bodied nymphs, shrimps, water beetles and even a parasitic Horsehair worm (also known as a Gordian worm). The group were a pleasure to take out and we look forward to their follow-up session next month - Rick

N5's exploring the Tarras
A Stonefly Nymph

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

Langholm Harriers Named

Three young harriers have been satellite tagged on Langholm Moor this season. The first two were tagged by the Hawk and Owl Trust and have been named Rowan and Sorrel (male and female respectively). The third youngster, a female tagged by Natural England has been named Tarras by M.E.Pringle of Meikleholm Brae. 25 hen harriers fledged successfully from 7 nests on the moor this season - Rick

Meet Tarras

Grainne, Hattie and Langholm 2016F- 161961 AKA Tarras

Monday, 15 August 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

Fantastic Goshawk photos from the moor.

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Alistair Moulstone enjoyed some very special views of a young Goshawk last Tuesday up on Langholm Moor and secured some very nice photographs too. 

Well done Sir!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

Survival Day 


Yesterday, we spent a day surviving the brutal wilderness of Longwood. Not only did the midge conspire to orchestrate our demise but the sausages were determined to escape from their pointy stick and end their suffering in the ashes of our fire!!
However, despite these hardships we had a great day making fire, food and friends as well as bows and arrows, shelters and cakes cooked in oranges. Everyone had fun but alas, our victory was bittersweet and it was with heavy hearts that we trudged back towards Langholm as we knew that we must bid farewell to one of our number, a mighty leader who had led many conquests into the wilderness, taught us many lessons (not least of all how to get a melted chocolate button off our forehead and into our mouths without the use of our hands) and inspired greatness at every turn.
Beckie, you will be missed and I'm sure I speak for everyone you've worked with, children and adults, when I say thanks for everything you've done, all the fun and we all wish you the very best of luck for the future!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands:Update

Name a Langholm Harrier

This year 3 young harriers have been satellite tagged by Stephen Murphy in order to follow their movements and monitor their locations.

Two harriers were named by the Hawk and Owl Trust who generously donated two tags. The male bird has been named Rowan and the female is Sorrel.

The third bird, also a female, who was tagged by Natural England's donated tag, has yet to be named. 

Please email your suggestions to

We will inform you of the result as soon as it has been drawn. 

Many thanks, 


Name this Harrier

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

Brilliant Birds (and a Slow Worm)


Sunshine, Siskins and a Slow Worm.... oh and a nice group of kids too! Had a lovely afternoon making bird feeders at the Laverock Hide followed by a bit of birdwatching and a ratch around in the reptile refuges. Also saw toads, a HUGE common lizard, great spotted woodpeckers, stock doves and a Jay.
Thanks to everyone who came along and a special thanks to Bethany who made us a lovely cake that we are presently stuffing our faces with!!
Thanks guys - Beckie and Rick

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

Moorland Challenge Day 


8 brave souls faced an onslaught of death-defying challenges on Tuesday. From the Web of Doom, the Rope Bridge of Terror and the Flag of Destiny to the Blind man's Jigsaw and the Chocolate Buttons of Destruction, the band of warriors emerged victorious and, most importantly, more or less in one piece!
Well Done Guys. It was a great day for adventure!!
-Beckie and Rick