Thursday, 26 January 2017

Blog update from Seasonal Education Assistant Jan 26th 2017

Hi! I’m new to the moorland project so thought I’d tell you a bit about my time here so far.

We have been working closely with students from Langholm Academy and Learning Base; some of whom are volunteering with us as part of their Duke of Edinburgh and Saltire Awards.
Tasks have included setting camera traps, (aiming to capture wildlife footage) restocking bird feeders, carrying out bird surveys and litter picks as well as putting up bird boxes along the Tarras.
We’ve seen lots of different wildlife including a Hen Harrier and have found some promising signs of otters along the Tarras – including their poo! This is also known as ‘Spraint’ and is distinctive due to its strong but not entirely unpleasant aroma. Hopefully we will catch some video footage of this most elusive of creatures having set up several camera traps along the burn.
I’m looking forward to meeting and working with more of the community over the next few months and am particularly looking forward to our Easter holiday events as well as the return of Moorland May.

 – More details coming soon – Watch this space!.....