Monday, 17 July 2017

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

'Ratch in the River' - 4.7.2017

Well the first SUMMER activity kicked off today - not very summery but 8 young folk braved the weather to explore beneath the surface of the River Esk. Despite the unpleasant conditions we managed to find a few nymphs and other wee beasties but with water levels rising we opted for an impromptu den building session followed by a quick look in the Wauchope. A massive well done to the group who despite being fairly wet and miserable stuck it out and were rewarded with a well-earned hot chocolate at the Langholm Initiative office - Hopefully the sun will shine next time Guys!! - Rick and John

Soggy but still smiling!

Maybe not!....

Ratching in the River

Who's wetter; this nymph or us?

Exploring the Esk

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  1. Well done. I love to see the kids getting stuck in and enjoying themselves. Health and Safety wouldn't allow that in Sussex.