Monday, 17 July 2017

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

Close Encounters - 13.7.2017

Our second Close Encounters session started well with eight children enjoying a Close Encounter with 'Wiggly-Bob' who had so much fun on Tuesday he returned to my trap again on Thursday morning! A dip in the Esk proved worthwhile with BIG MINNOWS, stone loach and a toad-pole (a toad tadpole) being discovered and painted onto pebbles (with pebble pens - we didn't make a paste!). We also very much enjoyed the huge stone butterfly near the suspension bridge which was created by the Langholm Primary Play Care after-school group - Well Done Guys! - After a close encounter with a House Sparrow nest at Buccleuch Mill it was off to Longwood where an assortment of insects including Scorpion flies, Ringlet butterflies, Soldier beetles, Forest Shield-bugs and a variety of other wee beasties that are yet to be identified were encountered as well as a Sparrowhawk plucking post. We also found two old Blackbird nests, a squirrel drey and watched some sea trout below Skippers Bridge before heading back along the river. A lovely session with a lovely group! - Thanks to each of you for coming along - Rick and John

Meeting 'Wiggly-Bob'

Stone loach
After many a Close Encounter!!

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