Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Summer Term

Summer term is a busy one for us with school groups, it's a perfect time to get the youngsters out on the moor, enjoying some of the fairer weather and light nights.

This term we're working with three primary schools as well as two groups from Langholm academy. Unfortunately for the older academy pupils, as well as being the sunniest school term, this is also exam time, so we see little of the upper school as they all have their nose to the grindstone until mid June.

On Monday mornings we kick off the week with an S1 group working towards their John Muir Award, for this they have to discover, explore, conserve and share a wild place, in this case moorland! We've had great fun the last three weeks discovering and exploring the moorland with discovery walks, stream dipping and looking for adders and lizards in the sunshine.

Discovering and exploring

Saving tadpoles from the mud 

Trying to catch a fish
Monday afternoon's we've just started a Wildlife Rangers after-school club with Canonbie Primary. Last week we visited the moorland for the first time and enjoyed running wild and free while learning about the different plants and animals.

On Tuesday afternoons since the beginning of March two pupils from Langholm Academy learning base have been on regular visits to the moor while working towards their RSPB Hen Harrier Hero award. We've made bird feeders and watched birds at the Laverock Bird Hide, been litter picking on the moor road and also enjoyed stream dipping in the sunshine yesterday.

Stream dipping 
Making bird feeders

Litter picking 

Wednesday's we meet Hottsbridge Primary and head up onto the moor for some outdoor learning, alternating between the P1-3 class and the P4-7 class. Tying in with the curriculum for excellence we're covering a wide range of topics, primarily focusing on biological systems and understanding environmental issues.

Tentative about frog spawn

Taking shelter in a hole

Langholm Primary join us on a Thursday for another Wildlife Rangers after-school club, running in three week blocks for P4, P5 & P6. Primary 4's met their first week head on as we went den building in the snow and rain.

Overall we're pretty busy, and it's great to get so many young folk out on the moor. Understanding and enjoying the environment are hopefully the first steps to these young people looking after it in the future.

- Beckie, Education Assistant


  1. Great stuff Beckie, I saw the school minibus out on the moor last week when I was up there again. There's going to be a budding David or Davina Attenborough in amongst all those young people at some time!


  2. Excellent work, Keep it up.