Monday, 23 May 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands Update

New Wildlife Sightings Board at Whitshiels Café.

23rd May 2016

If you're wondering what wildlife is out and about on the moor at the moment or you've seen something yourself, please call into Whitshiels Diner, Langholm and read/update our sightings board.
John and Estelle are keen to welcome wildlife watchers and there's nothing better than a good cup of coffee and a cracking sausage sandwich to warm yourself up after a long spell on the hill.

Whitshiels Cafe & Caravan Park,
Langholm DG13 0HG

on a sadder note.....

Satellite tag news
Hattie and Grainne are safe and well on the moor, sad news about Cyan
Transmissions for Cyan ceased on 29th February with his last known location being an area of upland farmland to the NE of Lockerbie in Dumfries-shire. RSPB Scotland Investigations staff, in liaison with Police Scotland and Natural England made a thorough search of the area in the days following his disappearance. Although neither Cyan’s body nor the satellite transmitter were recovered, part of the skull and a significant number of feathers from an immature hen harrier were found, along with considerable signs of fox activity. This evidence strongly suggests that Cyan was predated by a fox, most likely while roosting overnight in a patch of rushes. Cyan was being satellite-tracked as part of an on-going Natural England research using a publically funded transmitter, in liaison with the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project.
Cyan in 2015


  1. So sad. But I suppose thats nature.

  2. Yes, very sad indeed. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed that the loss of the gamekeepers on Langholm Moor will not see any similar disasters this breeding season.

    But on a more positive note, I shall have to call into the Café to read the sightings board and to partake of a coffee, and any very healthy food they have that is compatible with my now 9 week old diet!