Friday, 11 March 2016

Moorland March Updates:

A look at what's been going on and what's still to come.......
Saturday 5th March 2016
After a great exhibition opening at the old Post Office on Langholm High Street earlier in the week, Saturday found the MMM Team heading out onto the moor with 14 well wrapped up brave souls. The weather was relatively kind (by Langholm standards) and the various talks, demonstrations and musical interludes were interesting, entertaining and enjoyed by all along the way. Wildlife highlights included Peregrine, a stunning male Merlin and a Red Kite which circled above the Monument as Langholm Folk sang below. A huge thank you to all who came along, those who offered their skills, talents and knowledge (Billy, Rob, John, Hamish and Vi, Charlie and Alan) and to everyone involved.

Cat discussing Sphagnum Moss with the group.

Rob Waitt's 'Raw Edge' Chainsaw Sculpting demonstration.
Langholm Folk singing at the Monument.

Hamish 'Half-Goat' Odinson and his fantastic leatherwork.
John Crouch Cookery Demonstration.
The 'Making The Most Of Moorlands' Team.

 Still to come.....

Saturday 19th March 2016


Bird Ringing Demonstration

FREE – just drop in between 8am and 12noon.

Join us for a special bird ringing demonstration – Members of the North Solway Ringing Group and our team will be netting, ringing and releasing a variety of birds at The Laverock Hide on Langholm Moor.

Followed by..... 


Saturday 19th March 2016 - 3pm-5pm

Nocturnal Wildlife Tour 

"A truly unique experience awaits you on Langholm Moor"

Come and meet Cowan and Keith from the Nocturnal Wildlife Tours team “as seen on BBC’s The One Show” as they show you their specially prepared NWT Land Rover, complete with various night vision and thermal imaging devices which they use on their tours. For a small fee you can book a short trip with them later in the day.

And then the following day.....


Watch The Moorland Skies


Sunday 20th March 2016 - 8am - 12 noon


FREE – Drop in anytime between 8am and noon.

Join our experienced wildlife guides at ‘Harrier Corner’ on Langholm Moor (GridRef: NY392865) to watch the moorland skies for signs of resident moorland species and spring visitors.

Thank you for all of your support and remember, the Exhibition at the Old Post Office will be running until the end of March. Hope to see you soon!





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