Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Moorland March Update: Saturday 19th/Sunday 20th

Bird Ringing demo, Nocturnal Wildlife Tours and a glorious W.T.M.S

This weekend's activities kicked off bright and early on a chilly Saturday morning with the Bird Ringing demo at the Laverock Hide. In excess of 70 birds were caught, ringed and processed and the event was well attended despite the cool breeze. Many thanks to Mike and Brian from the Solway Ringing Group who made the trip on Friday to lend their expertise and stayed over night at the hide in their camper!

Bird Ringing at the Laverock Hide.

Jake gets to grips with a Chaffinch

A Great Tit ready for release.

Greenfinch (L) and Coal Tit (R) - Courtesy of Tom Hutton
 Unfortunately most people had drifted off before the Nocturnal Wildlife Tours arrived but those who remained were lucky enough to experience a fantastic demonstration of thermal imaging and night vision equipment. Thanks to Keith and his wife for making the trip from Castle Douglas and be sure to check out the NWT website at wildlifetours.co.uk
The weather Gods were smiling on the Watch the Moorland Skies event on Sunday morning. From 7.30am the sun shone from the clear blue and many raptors (and other birds) made the most of the fine weather. Observers were treated to excellent views of both male and female Merlin (including mating), a female Hen Harrier (most likely Hattie), many buzzards, a displaying Sparrowhawk, Kestrel and distant views of a Red Kite. All around us the moor was waking up with singing Stonechat, Reed Bunting, Curlew and the various vocalisations of Red Grouse.

Thanks to all who attended the events. Your support is very much appreciated!


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