Monday, 10 March 2014

A beautiful sunny spring day on Langholm moor

I heard today that we had passed 100 consecutive days of rain in Langholm, well that is not all that unusual to be honest, but it does make you appreciate the sun when it finally reappears.
Up on the moor today, blue skies, barely a breath of wind surrounded by the sights and sounds of spring:  Lapwing and Curlew making the first tentative displays, my first bumble bee of the season, the chuckle of Grouse and a fleeting view of a harrier.. heaven, just heaven.

 Frog spawn, no longer a novelty (but still a delight) fills every puddle  and the first signs of tadpoles forming can be seen.

We've been busy getting some new Barn owl boxes up on the moorland edge, and our first pair is on three eggs already.

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  1. After the month I've had you make it sound good to be alive.