Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Langholm Harriers

Many thanks To Barry O'Donaghue for this update
'Nothing new or startling to report in terms of the movements of the young Hen Harriers being tracked across Britain and Ireland – all are at their usual locations in Cork, Mayo and Langholm. The tags on all four birds - Heather, Miranda, Hattie and GrĂ¡inne are transmitting data as I write and are showing the birds to move around in their usual haunts.  The weather today is crisp and bright, wonderful for powering up the solar panels. With the longer days and hopefully improving weather, we should get data in consistently, all going well.

These weeks are exciting! Any time now they could move to breeding mode. In Ireland we can generally expect to see Sky Dancing from as early as Saint Patrick’s Day if we get the weather. In fact I’ve had sky dancing at roosts in January and February but Saint Patrick’s Day normally marks the start of a new breeding season in Ireland at least. Birds may continue to remain at normal time roosts for as long as they want, but generally these roosts are exited by the early parts of April (unless the roost is also a breeding site)'.

Miranda, Grainne and Hattie 12th March 2014

Male Hen Harrier (John Wright)

No signs of skydancing yet but we are waiting eagerly..

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