Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Miranda in Mayo

Apologies for the delay in posts, severe internet broadband problems here..

Miranda is continuing her interesting journey and is currently in Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. This map shows her estimated route over the last four months.

Miranda 5th July to 21st November 2013

Miranda 21st November
 Homely Hattie and Grainne are static in comparison with Miranda but just as interesting from an ecological perspective. What has got into Miranda that has not (yet) got into her sister Grainne and neighbour Hattie?
Hattie and Grainne 10 day home range to 20th November 2013
 Take a look at these two graphs (and especially the scale on the y axis) Hattie has barely been 8km from the nest but Miranda is now around 500km away.
Hattie and Grainne maximum distance (km) from nest over time

Miranda maximum distance (km) from nest over time

many thanks to Stephen Murphy NE for all this information.

Our fabulous friends in treland are keping a close eye on Miranda as well as their own tagged bird Heather, check out Hen Harrier Ireland http://henharrierireland.blogspot.co.uk/ for more information

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