Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hen Harrier update 5th November

Miranda is continuing her tour of Northern Ireland and is currently between Belfast and Strangford Loch. In the last ten days Miranda has moved around 251km.

Grainne 10 day range to 5th November 2013
Grainne is contrast to her sister is not moving far from her home range.

Hattie 10 day range to 5th November 2013

Hattie has seemingly found rich pickings as her home range is contracting and she has become more predictable, mirroring Grainne’s home range. They roost close to each other and on several occasions in recent days both were tracked synchronously in the same “airspace”.  
If a bird stays within a certain area for say several days it is safe to assume that catchable prey is available.

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