Monday, 14 October 2013

Satellite tag update - Miranda crosses the sea

Things are getting really interesting with the Langholm four. Blue is really keeping us guessing; after a long flight south which had us hoping for a European journey, he did a u-turn and headed north to Doncaster. He is currently Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and we can only guess where he will be tomorrow.


Grainne and Hattie remain in the Langholm area.. which one will be the next to explore?

Miranda's trip across the sea
Miranda has surprised us all by being the first sat tagged bird to cross over the sea to the Isle of Man, a flight of 46km from her last known position. Here's some really interesting background information from Steve Murphy, Natural England:

'In 2007 we tracked five birds on the Isle of Man, all of them remained on the island. A male was tracked there for over a year and a female was tracked for two and a half years. We also fitted a handful of birds with wing tags; there were two sightings of wing tagged birds that could have been from the Isle of Man (Altcar, Mersyside and near Newcastle Airport in winter of 07/08) but these apart there is little evidence of the island exporting birds.
         The Isle of Man birds almost sedentary existence allowed us to record their daily foraging routes and roosts, unlike the English birds the young males tried to hold territory throughout the winter around where they fledged, the females went to a 'girls only' club on the Calf of Man.
Miranda headed straight for this place her first night'.

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