Monday, 7 October 2013


Blue is on the move

With the exception of Miranda who made a move to Leadhills a few weeks ago, the four Langholm- tagged Harriers have stayed fairly close to home. On the 4th September Blue (the young male harrier) was recorded roosting near Langholm, by the 6th September he was 435km away in Wiltshire..  could this be a stop-off before making the leap over the channel? A lot of information has been learnt and is still being learnt from satellite tagging; for example the males typically move greater distances and often make that move at the end of September/ beginning of October.. Blue has done both those things, will he follow in the footsteps of another Langholm bird, McPedro, and head for Spain or remind us that nature loves to break the rules and surprise us?  Either way it is very exciting to be able to follow the journey of these young birds.
a previously posted map from Sept 23rd 
Blue 6th October

McPedro's return  journey in 2011

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