Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Small Mammal Trapping with Newcastleton Primary School

Over the last few weeks I've been visiting Newcastleton Primary School to lead some moorland activities linked to a fantastic moorland mural that we created last year with the help of local artist Anne Donald.

 This week we were looking at the food chains of the moorland raptors and their favourite food - small mammals such as voles and mice. The pupils helped check some Longworth mammal traps and investigate how small mammals survive on the moor.

A wood mouse.

It has been a  busy week of rehearsals for the next performance of the moorland musical 'You can't let nature run wild'. We'll be performing at the Watson Bird festival on Saturday 22nd at St John's Town of Dalry www.watsonbirds.org .. check it out.. great event, worth a visit. Our Moorland musical explores the difficult relationship between managed moor;ands and Hen Harriers through music and poetry (and puppets).. that has to be a world first!??? I'd like to thank an amazing group of people

Some photos from rehearsals (with thanks to Chris Jones). Impossible to get the whole group together at once, but here is some of the group braving the cold winds to have some photos taken up at MacDiarmid memorial on Langholm moor.
 Rehearsal at our teeny tiny office.

 Henry doing very well to keep playing despite a camera in his face! a true professional.
 the most important member of the group, Cricket.. casting a discerning eye and ear over the proceedings.

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