Monday, 10 September 2012

Latest Sat tag news

Barry (the young male harrier) is on the move.. headed south towards County Durham. This is his first major move away form Langholm Moor..

 The female (Blae) has moved north rather than south. The first winter is a difficult time for all birds, and Hen Harriers face more dangers than most,we are really hoping these birds survive their first winter and return to breed next year.

 Friday evening saw Langholm Beavers work towards their environment badge by helping to manage birch saplings encroaching on Langholm moor. The Beavers and their parents were great, everyone worked hard and had fun despite the weather. This was a great opportunity for the youngsters to learn about the different plants that grow on the moor, and how the moor is managed by man to benefit the Red Grouse and other wildlife’.

Langholm Moor Demonstration Project headkeeper, Simon Lester, commented: ‘It’s fantastic to get children and their parents out on the moor, to work on this fascinating habitat. The silver birch is encroaching on to the moor now that the sheep have been removed to help heather regeneration. It just shows how quickly nature moves and highlights the importance of management.’

On Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed a great afternoon up on the moor with storyteller Bea Ferguson. Bea used the MacDairmid Memorial to inspire her stories as we relaxed in the (almost) sunshine.

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