Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Making the Most of Moorlands: Update

Canonbie Primary - Stream Dipping

4th October 2016

Had a fantastic afternoon with Canonbie Primary over the back of Tarras - found some fantastic beasties including Stonefly Nymphs and exuviae, mayfly nymphs, shrimps, beetles and a lovely Brown Trout who was given a few names (Barbera was my personal favourite!). The students also created some lovely pebble art based on their findings. The group were absolutely fantastic (if a little soggy) and were a credit to their school. We hope to work with them again soon!
Thanks to volunteer John Hills who came along to help out. Unfortunately, just after the children left a huge herd of Goats came down from behind Arkleton to investigate the scene - Maybe next time Guys! - Rick

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