Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Making the Most Of Moorlands: Update

Exploring the moorland with Hottsbridge Primary

20th April 2016

Spent a great morning on the moor with a lovely group of students from Hottsbridge Primary School in Lockerbie. We explored what makes a moorland, met some of the flora and fauna including mosses, heather, a common lizard and a newly emerged Emperor Moth and used our senses to connect to the atmosphere of the moor.

The sun shone and a great time was had by all. Big thanks to the great group of kids who made my morning a pleasure.


A beautiful day on the moor!
A newly emerged Emperor Moth

You mess with the Moorland staff you get a 'slug on the nose'!!


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  1. So very nice to read and see more of that wonderful, award winning work you and your team are doing up there with the next generation of nature lovers Cat. Hoping to be up there again myself soon: Shorties permitting!