Thursday, 4 February 2016

Langholm Moor 2016

Apologies for the lack of posts, to say it has been a busy time would be an understatement. The last few months have seen a few changes but the project is going from strength to strength; part time Education Assistant Beckie Davies, who joined us back in October, has been working hard all autumn and is currently busy with some after school art groups at Langholm And Hottsbridge Primary schools (see below). Beckie has successfully secured the full time seasonal position that begins mid-February and we are really excited to welcome Rick Taylor to the team in the part time education role, within the next few weeks. Judith Johnson has also come on board part time to help organise Moorland March - a month long series of events celebrating all things moorland (see below) so the team is growing!

Red Grouse (MMM volunteer)

It has been a wet and windy winter at Langholm, like most of the country we have been visited by storm after storm making the conditions incredibly hard for wildlife up on the moor. Several colder periods with heavy snow have created some beautiful wintry scenes but added to the challenge for the resident species.


The 'Langholm three'  (Hattie, Grainne and Cyan) are doing well. Despite the challenging weather conditions Hattie and Grainne have not had reason to leave the moor and seem to finding enough food to sustain themselves. Cyan  has adopted the area to the west of Langholm and moves between Eskdalemuir  and Moffat. 

'Langholm three' winter 2015/2016

Art work

Pupils at Hottsbridge and Langholm primary schools have been working with education assistant Beckie Davies to create some superb moorland inspired artwork.


Moorland March

Over the last six months we have been working with the local community, businesses and artists to create a month long series of events based on and around Langholm moor and celebrating all things moorland.  Keep an eye out for our leaflets or check online for a full listing of events. Why not join us for a guided walk, moorland massage, horse trek, wool felt workshop, photography masterclass or nocturnal wildlife tour? There is lots to do throughout the month.

Scottish Rural Award Nomination.. how exciting!

 The Making the Most of Moorlands Project has been nominated for a Scottish Rural Award 2016! To be  nominated for such a prestigious national award is very exciting for our little community/education project and we'll be heading along to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on March 31st to attend the awards ceremony, wish us luck!

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  1. If I was judging that award Cat there would be no doubt as to you winning it. I've only ever seen incredible effort and very rewarding and useful results from all you do, helped by your "team". Which sounds like it is growing nicely now.

    Fingers crossed you and all those wonderful moorland creatures will get a decent spring and summer after what seems from down here to have been a very harsh winter.

    Hoping to start my visits up there mid March onwards. Fingers crossed for some Short-eared Owls again as well as some decent Hen Harrier breeding. There are two males and a ringtail over wintering on "my patch" on the Isle of Sheppey. I'll let them know Langholm is a good place to go to breed!

    Best Regards,