Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Harrier and the Hare

One of the challenges young harriers face after fledging is learning to hunt effectively and feed themselves. I have been sent some great photos of a young harrier at Langholm attempting to take on a little more than it could 'chew'. The more typical prey for Hen Harriers are voles and small birds, but with the vole population at Langholm currently very low this young harrier has been experimenting with other slightly larger prey.
 These photos were taken  from the roadside at Langholm, the activity was some distance away but show some interesting behaviour.
The young Hen Harrier took three passes at the Brown Hare and eventually gave up, the last image in the sequence shows the Harrier and the Hare sitting side by side in the heather. The Hare was unharmed and looked rather non-plussed by the whole event.
Many thanks to Guy Broome for these images. Click on any of the images to see them enlarged.

 A few Short Eared Owl shots - why not?

 Check out Guy's website

No news to report from Hattie and Grainne our 'resident' harriers, they are doing their usual thing.  Cyan recently made a move towards Hexham but he did not stay long and has spent the last 10 days or so exploring Eskdalemuir.

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