Thursday, 7 May 2015

May 2015

Has anyone lost a tripod - one was found in our moorland bird hide at Langholm over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of May? Please contact if it is yours.
Spring is well under way at Langholm with most species on eggs (Red Grouse), small young (Grey Wagtails and Tawny Owls) or even fledged young for the early nesters like Ravens. We have experienced some mixed weather to say the least -  a couple of weeks of sunshine and summer like temperatures (18 degrees) in the middle of April -  only to be brought back to earth with hard frosts   (- 8 degrees) and then wind and torrential rain at the beginning of May. The skydancing activity from the Harriers is tailing off as they settle down and we are looking forward to the surge of activity when birds are feeding young in the nest.
Please remember how vulnerable breeding birds are at this time of year. It is important  to keep dogs on leads, and the safest places to be while birds are nesting are on roads, tracks and well trodden paths - nests are generally well camouflaged and hard to see. 

Grey wagtail nest

Tawny chicks

Lapwing nest

Red Grouse nest
Raven (Laurie Campbell)

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