Thursday, 8 January 2015

Langholm 2015

Tom Hutton

Happy New Year to all, from a wet and windy evening here in Langholm. Just a short update to let you know that the sat tagged harriers Grainne, Hattie and Annie are all safe and well and have made no major movements since last update. Hattie and Grainne have been seen hunting the moor over the last few weeks along with several untagged harriers so presumably there is still plenty of food for them and mild enough for Stonechats and Wrens to be persevering in their heather territories. 

The Langholm Moor Demonstration Project Seven Year review was published before Christmas, if you haven't already seen the report you can find it here.. .

Tarras Water (Tom Hutton)

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  1. Great news about the Hen Harriers Cat. Fingers crossed they will stay despite any snow you may be getting at present and give a nice start to the breeding season this year.