Monday, 16 June 2014

June 2014 Hen Harrier nest camera

Footage from our Hen Harrier nest camera is being shown in the Eskdale Hotel on  Langholm High street, why not pop in for tea and cake or sit back and enjoy a pint while watching the chicks in the nest.  Here is a taster of the views we have been enjoying.  It is such a privilege to work with such a wonderful bird and a fantastic team of people on the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project.

 One Hen Harrier brood, belonging to Grainne - a satellite tagged bird from Langholm last year has been ringed already and the chicks not long away from fledging..

Nest boxes around the moorland have been busy this year with Pied Flycatcher and Redstart broods as well as our more common Blue Tit and Great Tit families.

Redstart nest

Redstart chick

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  1. Wonderful footage of the chicks being fed Cat.

    Bryan B, aka Kent Yeti