Monday, 29 July 2013

Satellite tag update

 Latest update from Langholm Harriers

 117313 (female) Grainne and 117315 (female) Miranda

117314 (female) Hattie and 117316 (male) Blue


  1. Would it be possible to set it up so we can watch their movements 'live' on our own Google Earth programme?
    The RSPB have done it with the Loch Garten Ospreys (Caledonia from 2012 is still transmitting and 2 more have been tagged this year)
    but i don't think the Mull White-tailed eagles have been satellite tagged in the last 2 or 3 years and all transmitters are too old to transmit.
    A Finnish Osprey project also has the same option.

  2. Hi Cat
    great to see this, but just wondering is it a good idea to show the locations of the birds ? It might bring it to the attention of the wrong people?

  3. Hi Anand and Chas,
    Many thanks for your comments
    The work with Loch Garten Ospreys 'live' movements is great and provides a fantastic insight into this species. I am told that currently the type of trackers used on the harriers is not suitable for this type of live feed. The Hen Harrier is also particularly susceptible to disturbance at breeding and wintering sites, a live feed could lead to disturbance of the birds even from well-meaning people. The data we receive and post on this blog has a time delay from real-time movements. Chas, you are absolutely right to question this sharing of data. A great deal of thought has gone into publicising this. Sadly the 'wrong people' are already well aware of harrier movements which is why illegal persecution has been so effective historically. I am told that in some circumstances when tagged harriers have entered notorious harrier black spots, this information has provided some measure of protection.
    I have fought long and hard to get the sat tag data on this blog and I firmly believe that unless we share this information and raise awareness about the struggle Hen Harriers are facing, nothing will change. Sadly the tags do not provide enough information to secure a conviction in the event of illegal persecution, but if they can raise awareness about the fate of these birds that has to help. If / when a signal indicates foul play the information is passed immediately to the police.
    Cat Barlow