Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Langholm Academy moorland visit

Langholm Academy higher students joined me for a morning on the moor yesterday as part of their Managing Environmental Resources module. The group learnt about the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project, the Red Grouse moor / Raptor conflict and the challenges moorland ecosystems are facing.

 Looking at the new heather growth on an area of a previous year's management - heather burn.
 Taking a closer look at an Emperor moth pupae.
 Head Gamekeeper on the LMDP, Simon Lester, talking to the group about the heather regeneration work that has been carried out on the moor.
 Hunting for Sundew - a carnivorous moorland plant.

Sundew  (Photo curtesy of Laurie Campbell)
 (Photo curtesy of Laurie Campbell)

Cotton grass in full flower.

 Bog asphodel just coming through.
Bog Asphodel as it will look when is full flower  (Photo curtesy of Laurie Campbell)

Langholm moor

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