Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Salmon and birds

Salmon are found both in the Esk (which runs through Langholm) and the Tarras (which runs through the middle of the moor) and October is a good month to see them heading upriver to spawn. This photo was taken up in Selkirk by photographer John Wright, check out John's blog for more photos of Salmon leaping.

The end of 'Summer' and arrival of Autuimn has seen the departure of many moorland birds and the arrival of autumn visitors like Fieldfare, Redwing, Waxwing and Brambling. The moorland feeding station is getting good numbers of Autumn visitors and a good place to spot Brambling, Lesser Redpoll and Treesparrow.
 Great Spotted Woodpecker
 Regular contributor of feeding atation photographs Tom Hutton
Our newest photographic contributor Sandy Gill setting up his remote camera.

Many thanks to amateur photographers Tom Hutton and Sandy Gill for these great shots.

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