Tuesday, 21 August 2012

First data from Satellite tagged young Hen Harriers

Just before fledging, two of the young Hen Harriers from the Langholm moor nest were fitted with satellite tags by Stephen Murphy of Natural England and Aly McCluskie RSPB. We will be following the progress of the birds as they  leave the nest and struggle to survive their first winter. These images show the first tentative movements of Barry (94588), after Barry O'Donaghue of Hen Harrier Ireland project, and Blae (74926).. as in blaeberry. Thank you so much to Steve and Aly for allowing us access to this fantastic information.. Good luck Barry and Blae.. Check out Barry's blog for Hen Harrier Ireland to see the difficulties faced by birds across the sea http://henharrierireland.blogspot.co.uk .

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